SUPER PATENTED- Unique and integrated boltless system.Multiple ribs in all its elements make it particularly robust in evenly distributed loads.Length from 90/105/120/150/180cm and depth 32/40/50/60/80cm,number of accessories and load options comes to meet any need. In addition to the above, its aesthetics are such that it is also chosen for retail points.

UNISHELF- Long span system for loads up to 800kg/shelf with multiple ribs and similar accessories to super.For bulky and heavy products, shelf length 90/120/150/180/210/240 /270cm and depth 60/80/100cm will properly manage space and goods.Galvanized high strength structural steel 3.1-EN10204.

SUPERINOX- Stainless steel shelf system with HAACP specifications for storing food in a dry or cooled place. Available with closed- grilled- plastic shelf. Its application extends to non food with a multitude of ideas and solutions. The corners are now accessible. Another complete solution with flawless finish and certification.

RACK SPAN- Pre-galvanized and buttoned screw-free shelf system. Load strength up to 350 kg and dimensions length 90/120/150/180/210/240cm as well as depth 40/50/60/80/100cm is ideal for settling any space with medium load needs. Possibility of placing novopan or mdf instead of metal surfaces, inside beams.Dividers availability.

BOLTED SHELVING- Traditional and Greek invention system of shelves with screws .Painted or pre-galvanized still maintains its reputation with competitive and intelligent applications. Load strength from 60 to 200 kg.Greek construction with attention to detail and numerous accessories for all needs.

CARTON LIVE- Dynamic gravitational system for boxes. Cancels dead runway times for picking on fixed shelves. Ideal for fast-moving codes and system connection with pick2 light or put2 light.Competitive solution for direct picking without unnecessary routes.