Only limited by your imagination!

                                    SHOPFITTING TYPE S/M

SHOPFITTING TYPE S/M-Excellently stylish and quality store display systems that will promote your products well. With the variety of applications and solutions they offer, they will help to the maximum in the organization/classification and sale of your products, while aesthetically highlighting your space. With a rich color chart and a combination of a melamin hue, it is an ideal and competitive solution in all categories of goods.

                                  SHOPFITTING TYPE SUPER

SHOPFITTING TYPE SUPER-Boltless systems with a plethora of accessories for every use is the answer of a system most competitive with *factory style* for your retail point. With a very wide variety of dimensions will dress your store to the maximum. The basic version is unpainted *mat inox* with the possibility of electrostatic paint of your choice. Easy disassembly and transfer to a new space. A competitive and aesthetic approach that its price will surprise you pleasantly!

                          SHOPFITTING TYPE CASH & CARRY

Mixed product- display and storage system at the same time. At the ground level, type s/m shopfitting is developed and pallets are stored at the upper levels to exploit the useful height. Ideal for stock and wholesale stores. Due to the increased height of first level upper ground as well as the movement of consumers inside aisles, the system meets strict specifications.