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  1. With 27 years of experience we properly study your valuable space for full and functional exploitation for your benefit.Our continuous processing of the development of new products is given the best choice of solution for your project.
  2. We choose together the type of system that covers you, and you are informed of all parameters so that you have no doubt about the choice.
  3. 'RACKnROLL' offers competitive equipment with European certification and specifications, technologically innovative that provides reliability and safety.
  4. We are a small flexible team with an operating profile such that it allows us to provide competitive services, so that the final product is 'extra value for money'.
  5. Our partnerships are family-type and we handle your work as ours.We stand by you from A to Z to make sure we have achieved your expectations to the fullest.


'RACKnROLL'  storage-shop solutions 

Doganis 96, 18546, PEIRAIΑS



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