Modular systems for storage that are not just 'steel', but the technological evolution of the kind with modern design & construction. It is a first-line goal for us to choose the best system as a storage solution that perfectly fits the profile of each business. Especially in Greece, the reinforced static of the storage equipment is a strict requirement & must cover the maximum level of life & product safety.

With continuous & valuable experience since 1993 - our technical training will give you a solution immediately & competitively with innovative - flexible & 'cool' storage rack systems for the most demanding rhythms of the modern supply chain. A safe/certified equipment that is the most serious supply, responsible for handling your warehouse loads with the highest level of safety! Our partnerships are family-style and we handle your project as if it were our own. We are always by your side consistently, from A to Z to make sure we have met your expectations to the fullest.