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We are a small flexible team with a functional profile such that it allows us to provide competitive services based on innovation and quality for excellent results.We aim at the durability of the equipment always sensitive to human safety but also to the safety of stored items.

The experience of 27 years and the continuous processing of the development of new products, take for granted the optimal choice of solution for your project. Our aim is to provide you with complete and detailed information to make sure that your choice is the best.Compliance with the standards for us is non-negotiable.
A family that will always be there for you with a meaningful and true character.


  1. With 27 years of experience we properly study your valuable space for full and functional exploitation for your benefit.Our continuous processing of the development of new products is given the best choice of solution for your project.
  2. We choose together the type of system that covers you, and you are informed of all parameters so that you have no doubt about the choice.
  3. 'RACKnROLL' offers competitive equipment with European certification and specifications, technologically innovative that provides reliability and safety.
  4. We are a small flexible team with an operating profile such that it allows us to provide competitive services, so that the final product is 'extra value for money'.
  5. Our partnerships are family-type and we handle your work as ours.We stand by you from A to Z to make sure we have achieved your expectations to the fullest.



With 27 years of experience we design based on functionality, flexibility, and quality, the storage/display model that suits you. Our goal is to choose the best quality/economic solution while equally managing the space and your particular needs.


We have pre-selected for you materials of superior quality from European factories with cutting-edge technology and ecological awareness. Quality,innovation and competitiveness, our main concern in the choice of manufacturer.


'RACKnROLL' fully covers the supply and installation of the prevailing storage/shop system for any demand.Be sure that quality and competitiveness have been accomplished.Our philosophy remains the same whether it is a small or large project.


Quality is the cornerstone of the Metalsistem philosophy. A state of mind applied right from the purchase of the steel coils from the world's largest steel mills. Only prime quality 3.1B certified high tensile steel coils conforming with the EN 10204 standards are used for the manufacture of the Metalsistem range of products. The steel coils are galvanized using the Sendzimir procedure guaranteeing high levels of durability and elevated corrosion resistance. All components are produced on automated lines employing the highest level of roll form production technology available in the world today.

All Metalsistem products offer an optimum price/quality ratio. They have elevated characteristics of structural resistance and contain levels of quality which have been recognised and certified by the foremost certification bodies in Europe. The numerous international patents are an acknowledgment of the uniqueness and exclusiveness of these products, their quality, safety, versatility, performance and cost.

The theoretical calculations of the constructions are made according to the FEM.10.2.02 regulations with the method of the definitive elements together with the computer system SICS. The tests are made according the requests of TUV Product Service and they guarantee the coefficient of security 2.00 with the requirements of ZH 1/428. On the base of the normative requirements the permissible deformation of the girder is L/200. The basic advantage of the Metalsistem nomenclature is the permanent covertness of zinc, which gives the well known esthetic look combined with lasting quality. The galvanization is made in the temperature of 470 degrees celsius. The cause of this reaction is stable compound between the steel and the zinc. The lasting of the galvanized layer is proportionally with the weight (thickness) of the zinc. The shelving elements are produced from lace with Z100 classification according to the UNI-EN 10142 standard, i.e. the weight of the zinc is 100g/m2 and thickness of 7,1 µm. The long lasting guarantee is at least 10 years in unfavorable circumstances.